Tuesday, July 8, 2008


current life-
Begin narrative here (I am practicing my format for billing time at the office. We are to keep "narratives". *Note the use of action verbs and succinct diction and style.)

1) fall out of bed. (on certain mornings - go to the gym.)
a. if at the gym - congratulate self and run for a little bit. think about the possibility of achieving "running high" but remember sadly that usually the only high i get from running is when i stop.
b. on uncertain mornings when not at gym - sleep, congratulate self on not having to shower (haha joking?)

2) dressed and pressed. walk to work. laugh at the people on wall st, and then sadly realize that i am one of them. "i am your people!" inevitably end up sprinting because I am late.

3) glide into lobby like the serene professional I am, attempt not to collapse on floor from loss of breath.

------ work ------
4) come home. the end - i can't write succinctly and i'm running out of action verbs.

It's the 2nd week of work and it still feels like a game, some strange large illusive mind-trap. An alternate version of me - one that's dressed up, so much taller (heels as transforming?), and gets to have an id card with a snapping string thing.

My favorite thing about work is the office view. It's like being in the sky, constantly flying. I could see myself agreeing to stay and work for free, just for the view. It's that amazing.

I would say something about corporate world and games and the stakes being "getting to keep my soul", but it's too early to make fun yet.

On the theme of narratives and souls - I pass a cemetery and church on the way to work. It's a beautiful church. I used to try to hold my breath whenever I walked by it - but I don't have that great of lung capacity and it would just earn me really strange stares from people around me.
So now, I just take my time and walk through it, read the tombstones - the ultimate succinct narrative complete with action verbs. I don't mean to be morbid - it just has become a good way to set my day, like a cheaper replacement for coffee. And more poetic too.