Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My only thought about work right now is that it has become hazardous.

I don't mean to be a complainer... (=.=) I guess I've had hazardous work before: A sore back from carrying extensive loads of laundry across town, having strangely protruding forearms from coldstone days, to burning my hands holding hot plates while waiting for people to move food out of my way. "Please sir, be careful it's hot" thinking "%*^%$^$% SIR move your stupid bread bowl out of the way before I burn you on purpose. Rawr."

But I thought once I transitioned to the professional world, that manual pain was supposed to be over. But no, if anything now, I have a more vicious enemy. One that is ever-present. Paper.

Currently my hands are wrapped in band aids from freaking paper cuts. And it's not the cute little kind, but the gaping gash kind - the manila folder kind. Been shaking hands with edward scissorhands? no.. unfortunately not. *wistful* johnny depp. But yea I have paper cuts on my palms, under my nails, the tips of my fingers... it's like a game or a competition for attention, and I lose because I can't decide which parts of my hand I value more.

My one consolation is that the bandaids are cute... they're hello kitty, and I remember when I bought them I'd (stupidly) wished that I'd have some purpose to use them. I even tried wearing them for no reason. But now at least my wish has come true, and my hands are very decorated.

I am a little disturbed though that everytime I get cut, the first thing my mind registers is panic, the agh i'm bleeding and oh no the documents! i haven't bled on the documents right?!
then pain is registered second.

I figure this is the mini-revenge of the trees. Every week I'm sure I'm responsible for printing through a forest.. I imagine all those walking trees from Lord of the Rings - marching through New York and burning everything down..

And in the broad perspective of things.. my job is to be the boat person who takes them into a new life... and the cuts are their revenge that they're not being made into the page of a novel or a love letter, but a page of a document to be thumbed over. So I'll take it. at least the bandaids are cute.