Wednesday, May 18, 2011

oh insight

12 year old student:"what is that?" She's pointing at a spot on my face courtesy of exam week and sleep deprivation.
Yay observational skills.

"It's a sign of wisdom why you want one?"

"Oh... no."

"No it's just from stress.. actually it happens in adolescence."

"Aren't you kind of old?"
"It's stress."

"From what?"

"From you. Keep reading!"

"Ugh I hate english it's so boring. I'm bored."

"People used to say only boring people get bored."
( great now I'm quoting my mother)

"Oh I like that quote.. I'm going to remember it."
Oh good.

"I'm never going to use this vocabulary... it's so useless."

Hm. "Justin bieber holds a certain Allure. When he has a concert there is Pandemonium. He has a huge Ego. If he wants to be Incognito he should use an Alias."

:Speechless: i'm guessing from awe. Or possibly horror at her idol being associated with vocab words.