Thursday, May 19, 2011

the radio said

If the world were to end tomorrow
I would eat a tray of oysters
Drink vodka with extra olives and vermouth
Paint my nails a red too bright.

I would chase away all mean thoughts with a big stick and
only let the bright ones in.
I would have no cruel words only kind ones.

I would listen to opera even though I don't understand the words
I would take deep breaths and watch the clouds swing past

I would watch the night parade and stars
I would hold the one I love
Hear the universe in his breath
And we would dream in color

If tomorrow the world ends.

It sounds like such an extraordinary thing, an announcement meant to cause fear and awe. When actually every tomorrow is a possible end.
I don't know why it's so easy to forget this. I only remember it in the off-moments, the hush before something begins.. the pause before the light is turned off, the moment before the water starts in the shower, and then I panic until I can forget again.

Maybe we are trained to forget, so that we don't live everyday with a frantic necessity, it would drive the world into chaos. Instead we keep our heads down and worry about the grocery bill, the cost of oil, what new things to buy.. anything to distract and cushion us from the truth.
Because the truth is harsh and it is as unforgiving as it is unknown
There will be an end, whether or not we dream in color.